2021 Ford F-150 introduces Onboard Scales, Clever Hitch and adaptive dampers

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The 2021 Ford F-150 is getting some trick new trailering/hauling tech, as well as it is adding Ford’s consistently managed damping suspension as an choice.

We’ll start off with the hauling information. The to start with element of the equation is a thing Ford calls “Onboard Scales.” When you load merchandise into the mattress of the truck, your F-150 will now show the approximate body weight of people objects in the central touchscreen and your FordPass app. If you by now have goods in the mattress and want to individually weigh new products, you can also do that by zeroing out the pounds, then including your new merchandise. Ford phone calls it “scale mode.” 

Aside from just checking the excess weight on a person of your screens, Ford also applied a technique called “smart taillamps” to gauge how substantially body weight is in the mattress. There are four person LED bars in the rear taillamps that illuminate vertically as you include extra weight. They run like the battery share bar in your telephone or laptop. The additional LEDs you light-weight up, the nearer to ability your mattress is. When all 4 lights are on, that usually means your mattress is absolutely loaded. If you maintain introducing much more, the lights will begin to blink when you overload it. Every single F-150 appreciates its precise payload score, so that keeps you from having to do the contemplating you.

Next up is a thing named Intelligent Hitch. This new technique measures the tongue bodyweight of a trailer that is currently being related, then presents assistance relating to hitch overloading and excess weight distribution using the exact same a few techniques as the Onboard Scales. That signifies you will see its bodyweight in the central infotainment display screen, your smartphone application and in the Smart Taillamps. If the fat is much too higher, the truck will deliver tips on the display screen and guideline you as a result of correctly tensioning a body weight redistributing hitch.

Final up in F-150 news currently is the introduction of Ford’s continuously controlled damping technologies to the lineup. The Expedition and Navigator now feature this experience- and handling-strengthening technological innovation, and we’re glad to see it coming to Ford’s pickup. The dampers operate listed here the identical as they do in other places. A laptop or computer within the F-150 analyzes alerts from substantial-resolution sensors, then consistently adjusts the vehicle’s response by transforming the valving in the dampers. For case in point, when the edge of a pothole is detected, the dampers firm up to avert the tires from dropping as deep into the hole as they would usually. We’ll expect to see advancements to the F-150’s bounce, pitch and roll performance with these equipped.

In maintaining the towing/hauling topic likely, these dampers have a specific manner they go in when tow/haul method is picked. Ford states it’s designed a program that aids to make for smoother trailering and hauling than ahead of by easing truck and trailer responses to very poor street problems. Other push modes function their personal preset damper configurations, far too.

Ford states all a few of the new systems debuting right now (Onboard Scales, Good Hitch and the adaptive dampers) will be obtainable to purchase on the F-150 in early June, with deliveries beginning in late summertime. Pricing was not in-depth in Ford’s preliminary announcement.

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