$3,000 Do-it-yourself electrical Mini Cooper is a enjoyable exception amongst conversions

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The 2020 Mini Cooper SE provides an all-electric powertrain from the manufacturing facility, but YouTuber Abundant Benoit took a various path to an electric Mini.

Benoit’s Wealthy Rebuilds YouTube channel obtained reputation concentrating on Tesla rebuilds, but not too long ago its star has been branching out. As documented in a series of videos, he bought a non-running R53-era Mini Cooper and swapped in an electric powertrain—at a quoted closing price tag of significantly less than $3,000.

The powertrain was cobbled alongside one another from elements Benoit scavenged, which includes an electric motor obtained from a school shop class, a deeply-discounted controller, and some Chevrolet battery modules (mounted the place the rear seats would typically be).

The done Mini demonstrates what you can do with economical, off-the-shelf (or scavenged) pieces. It has a major pace of about 100 mph, and can do zero to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, according to Benoit. Array is believed at 41 miles. Benoit even plans to race the Mini in the 24 Hrs of Lemons, a joke endurance race for affordable cars. 


Nevertheless, be forewarned that most conversions price tag in the vicinity of $20,000 to $30,000 all stated, not together with the expenditures of the vehicle—and with the minimal end of that scale for those inclined to do some of the sections-locating and coordination on their own.

Benoit also is not the regular Diy form. He has a shop (which eradicated the Mini’s broken gasoline motor) and is experienced in conversions. He also doesn’t include things like the labor costs. Judging by opinions in the video clip, the conversion took months of perform.

Non-hobbyists may well want to think about the brand-new Cooper SE. If you can declare the whole $7,500 federal EV tax credit rating, it charges fewer than $20,000 to start.

Observe the total video sequence for additional facts on Benoit’s electrical Mini build. His channel is also a superior starting off issue for some tips on acquiring employed and remaining outside the Tesla ecosystem. Benoit also aided with past year’s “Truckla” conversion of a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup.

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