EVs could be charged when towed: Ford patent indicates some creative works by using

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Ford has patented a way to charge electrical autos by flat-towing them, which opens up some appealing options.

Initially noticed by The Drive, the patent describes how an EV can be billed though getting towed guiding a different vehicle. That could be a industrial truck, or even a further passenger motor vehicle, Ford’s patent software, submitted in December 2020 and published in July, explained.

Autos could be billed at all periods, or when the tow vehicle is braking or likely downhill, placing significantly less excess load on the engine even though incorporating the profit of regenerative braking.

Ford also advised a type of street-train scenario—that shifting vehicles could connection up, guided by a Bluetooth or world wide web link. In a (additional possible) choice state of affairs, an EV would be towed by a bigger car or truck, with the driver of that car or truck managing charging. The trailing auto can have all 4 wheels on the street or just two, in accordance to the application.

A lot of RV drivers by now flat-tow cars and trucks powering their automobiles, which may well clarify the place Ford’s engineers acquired this thought.

Ford patent for charging EVs when towed

While not talked about in the patent files, it also seems like RV use could vastly enhance effectiveness by turning the EV into a hybrid to help boost the RV up hills and recover strength down hills. That would have to have some really sophisticated controls, nonetheless.

As with all patents, it truly is unclear if Ford really programs to set this program into generation. Automakers often file patent applications even when they do not have unique ideas to use no matter what is becoming patented.

Charging although towing also looks a little bit impractical. It reminds us of the generator trailers and battery trailers recommended as strategies to boost vary in the early days of modern day electric cars and trucks.

Granted, it could also make feeling with the Ford F-150 Hybrid pickup truck’s Pro Electric power Onboard feature, which uses the hybrid technique to electric power electronics or equipment when stationary.

Or this could be a resolution to aid electric semis. Retaining them charged, thoroughly loaded, is heading to call for a stepped-up megawatt charging community.

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