Hyundai&#039s E-Pit rapidly-charging template looks like a gas station

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Hyundai has established a quickly-charging template for electric powered autos with a name that evokes racing and a search that evokes existing fuel stations.

The automaker programs to open up 12 speedy-charging sites below the E-Pit banner—with 72 particular person plugs—at freeway relaxation stops in South Korea beginning in April, with 8 more web sites totaling 48 plugs planned for city areas, The Korea Periods reported very last week.

The E-Pit name references racing pit stops, but the structure of the charging facilities really should be acquainted to regular motorists. Specific charging stations are mounted in rows beneath a canopy—just like the pumps at gas stations.

Which is really various than the template in the United States from Tesla Superchargers to Electrify America—both of which select to team chargers in a corner of a huge-box retailer’s parking whole lot alternatively than as a standalone station.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

This arrangement has proliferated the two for the reason that it helps make for a considerably less tough genuine-estate negotiation, and since positioning charging stations close to places to eat or shops gives drivers one thing to do though their vehicles charge—generating foot website traffic for those firms and (theoretically) generating the prospect of ready although charging a lot more palatable.

Tesla’s Supercharger community has been an vital internet marketing instrument for the firm, so possibly Hyundai could use a community of E-Pit web-sites to attract extra notice to its personal electric vehicles. The gasoline-station-like template may possibly even give Hyundai an aesthetic edge, as it makes it possible for for a extra uniform search that Tesla has been not able to reach with its Supercharger sites.

In the meantime, Rivian is heading in a 3rd direction by placing charging stations near to hiking trails, campsites, and other outdoorsy points of desire. That is in trying to keep with the rugged style of its R1T electrical pickup truck and R1S electrical SUV, which Rivian aims to distinguish from other EVs by concentrating on off-highway ability and towing.

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