Kit can change any vintage Mini to all-electric—but it’s not affordable

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British firm Swindon Powertrain has designed an electrical conversion kit for the typical Mini.

Offered to get now and scheduled to ship in December, the kit contains 1 of Swindon’s have electrical motors (with peak output of 160 horsepower), mounted to a Mini entrance subframe with reason-built brackets. A CV joint housing that connects to the first Mini driveshafts is incorporated, along with an software unique differential (an open up diff is normal, but a limited-slip diff is available).

Clients have to include a battery pack, motor controller, DC-DC converter, and an onboard charger—all of which Swindon offers—individually to full the setup. Swindon features a 12-kilowatt-hour battery pack for the Mini conversion.

Basic Mini with EV conversion package from Swindon Powertrain

The price of these components begins to insert up speedily. The essential package (such as the motor and drivetrain elements) is listed at £8,850 ($11,535 at present exchange rates), but the battery pack is £16,000 ($21,0330, the motor controller is £3,860 ($5,074), and the onboard charger is £1,950 ($2,563). That adds up to far more than the expense of a new 2020 Mini Cooper SE.

Granted, it’s a great deal much less expensive than getting a finish motor vehicle specifically from Swindon. The organization unveiled its conversion previous yr, with a selling price tag equivalent to about $88,000. That model had a 110-hp motor, 24-kwh battery pack, and a few modern-day upgrades like USB ports and heated front seats, additionally optional features like air conditioning, electricity steering, and navigation—luxuries that would have been unimaginable to the 1st Mini owners.

Swindon is 1 of a variety of businesses marketing specialised kits to electrify traditional vehicles, when Mini itself converted a traditional design in planning for the introduction of the Mini Cooper SE. French startup Transition Just one is even giving kits for regular economic climate cars and trucks.

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