CAKE announces inaugural CAKE World’s

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Supply: sponsored push launch | Backbone Media | CAKE, a foremost maker of high quality, lightweight, electrical bikes, announces the inaugural CAKE World’s, a special motocross race that will pit 16 riders, both male and female, towards every single other in a 4X round robin format. All riders will compete aboard the very same bicycle: the CAKE Kalk OR Race.

The CAKE World’s signifies the uncommon situation where adult men and females will toe the starting off line with each other in a motocross race. As no rider will have possibly a physical (the Kalk OR weighs a scant 165 lbs) or mechanical edge, it will be a correct take a look at of the drivers’ skill.

Men and ladies will compete alongside one another in the groundbreaking gender-neutral function

The CAKE World’s is established to take location on August 20th and 21st, 2021 on the grounds of the famed Gotland Ring in Sweden. The objective-created monitor, intended by Swedish Enduro rider – and CAKE World’s competitor – Robert Kvarnström, was designed specifically for the light-weight agility and general performance of CAKE electrical bikes.

The powerful drivetrain on the featherweight Kalk OR Race provides 280Nm of torque at the rear wheel, so it can get up to total velocity faster than most of its fuel-run counterparts. CAKE founder Stefan Ytterborn believes that’s a recreation changer for the potential of sustainable motocross racing. Fewer place needed to accelerate means tracks can be developed in lesser spots, major to a extra spectator-friendly location. And mainly because electrical motorcycles are just about silent, polluting with neither audio nor emissions, tracks and racing can be brought into suburban environments, earning the sport additional accessible to fans and participants alike.

“Gotland is the spiritual house of CAKE, and I’m enthusiastic to host the motocross earth on a one of a kind monitor in a place that’s pretty specific to us. I’m also proud of the operate we’re doing to not only force the earth to lessening its carbon footprint but also to advertise gender equality in motor sports” commented Ytterborn.

The concept was dreamed up by Ytterborn, but the undertaking of earning it truth fell on Race Director J.P. Barolo. Though some elements, like spherical robin seeding and exercise classes have been straightforward to adapt from frequent motocross racing, the CAKE World’s presented some special troubles thanks to the truth that only eight bikes will be shared involving the field of 16 riders. “We had to shell out really mindful interest to the sum of time each bicycle will be ridden, the number of spare batteries we will have to have, how considerably down time we need to recharge individuals batteries, and how very best to spread out the heats so each rider receives enough time to find out the bicycle and the track” claimed Barolo.

The Austrian division of the Red Bull Media Residence will be developing coverage of the event. CAKE World’s sponsors include things like Intention Zero, Öhlins, Alpinestars, Northvolts, In&Movement, SunRoof, Barebells, Guide Gloves, and Polestar electric powered automobiles.

About CAKE
CAKE makes many products of its significant-effectiveness bike, the Kalk, for off-street racers and freeriders, as very well as road authorized variations. The brand has two types of the multipurpose and utilitarian commuter bicycle called the Ösa. CAKE’s item lineup also features the Kalk AP, a street-authorized off-street bike built in partnership with the Southern Africa Wildlife Faculty to support in the struggle versus poaching in Africa’s Countrywide Parks. These lightweight bikes weigh considerably less than 200 kilos and depending on product and using model can provide up to three hours or more than 50 miles of enjoyment unadulterated by the sounds of an inside combustion engine. And because they fat many hundred kilos considerably less than their fossil gas-driven counterparts, and never demand riders to deal with a clutch or shift gears, CAKE bikes make riding motorcycles more accessible to additional riders.

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