E-centre is a new multi-branded retail channel for electrical motorcycles and scooters

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E-heart has been launched in the Benelux and is an initiative from official Zero Motorcycles supplier Gert-Jan Rongen (Electric Motorbikes). Electrical Motorbikes has its showroom at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands) and has now 7 manufacturers in its portfolio: Zero Motorcycles, NIU, Sur-Ron, Etalian and new children on the block Alrendo Motorcycles (China), Pursang Bikes (Spain) and RGNT Bikes (Sweden).

Gert-Jan: I have asked THE PACK to coordinate this initiative. THE PACK “Electric Bikes News” has previously a big neighborhood with their website and social media accounts. This provides us a compact head start regarding the on the internet existence of our E-middle. If we experienced to get started from scratch in this digital age, this would be an further investment decision for us.

E-center Network Benelux Shop - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Guy Salens: “This new website for E-heart is one particular of the methods for a sturdy on-line posture in the Benelux for Electrical Motorbikes. With THE PACK we have created a comprehensive written content internet marketing tactic for E-center on different social media platforms in the subsequent months. The web-site has been launched 2 weeks ago and 7 makes are by now represented.&#8221

Zero Bikes

Because 2006, when the first prototypes have been developed, Zero has invited motorcyclists to go for a experience. Some things are far better professional than described. “And that is some thing that we routinely listen to from our prospective consumers soon after a take a look at ride”, suggests Gert-Jan. ”You can&#8217t imagine what a smile they have when they bought back again.” Also important, proceeds Gert-Jan, is that we have an arrangement with Immediate Lease for currently 3 styles from Zero Bikes: Forex, DS and SRF.

ZERO | E-center >

Zero Motorcycles SRS | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsZero SR/S | Zero Bikes


Electric Motorbikes has a partnership with Potential Mobility Center, NIU’s flagship retail store in Antwerp. Not too long ago awarded with the greatest customer’s relations award from NIU, this young workforce and Electrical Motorbikes can deliver the most recent mobility options.

NIU | E-heart >

NIU Antwerpen - Flagshipstore Belgium - Electric Motorcycles NewsEzra van Manen from Long run Mobility Centre


The Firefly Avenue Legal model is suited for the highway as a 45 km / h manner of transport. There is also a Firefly Youth for kids. &#8220We are ready for the new Storm Bee, an electrical enduro motorbike, this is heading to be a video game changer in electrical offroad riding&#8221, claims Dude.

SUR-RON | E-middle >

Sur-Ron Firefly | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

Alrendo Motorcycles

Alrendo is a group of youthful bike enthusiasts who want everyone to know that electrical 2 wheelers are even far more enjoyable than their fossil fueled grandparents. The TS Bravo from Alrendo Motorcycles belongs to the hottest era of quickly commuter bikes. With its potent 11 KW motor and 200+ km assortment, the TS Bravo is the supreme commuter automobile. Readily available from May perhaps 2021 in the Benelux at E-centre.

TS BRAVO | E-middle >

TS Bravo Alrendo Motorcycles | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsTS Bravo | Alrendo Motorcycles


If you want to travel from A to B very easily and promptly, the Etalian electrical scooter may possibly be a thing for you. This scooter is not only environmentally helpful and quiet, but also really at ease and exquisite. With its retro overall look, the Etalian tends to make you a putting look in traffic.

ETALIAN | E-heart >

Etalian | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsEtalian

RGNT Motorcycles

The Sweden-centered innovation business RGNT Bikes is about to start their 1st variations of the absolutely electrical motorbike RGNT No.1. It ́s a revolutionary, lean and cleanse ride with wonderful retro-looks. Fashion is tricky to outline, but you acknowledge it instantly when you see it. RGNT Motorcycles strives to present a bike based mostly on the very best motorbike styles from the 60s and 70s.

RGNT N°1 | E-center >

RGNT Motorcycles | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsRGNT N°1 | RGNT Motorcycles

Pursang Motorcycles

The PURSANG E-Observe signifies a new principle of electrical motorcycles built for motorcycle lovers. It’s an exquisite motorcycle that’s perfect for going about inside and outside the house the city. PURSANG Bikes took on the obstacle of making the E-Track model from scratch and it is now ready to be promoted. 

E-Keep track of | E-middle >

E-track Pursang Motorcycles | E-center Benelux | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsE-Monitor | Pursang Bikes

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