E-centre will be present at the ELECTRIFIED party at Autotron Rosmalen, The Netherlands

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ELECTRIFIED is a new party for (L)EV motorists, dreamers and believers and will have its premiere in the weekend of 3 and 4 July in Autotron Rosmalen, The Netherlands. This show is off to a great start and will be 1 of the initial electric powered vehicle & motorcycle reveals to open up the 2021 function period. Of program, we hope that everything can take put in accordance to program.

Electric powered Motorbikes | E-centre

Electric powered Motorbikes | E-Center will be current on July 3 and 4 with a presentation of their electric powered motorcycle makes: Zero Motorcycles, RGNT Motorcycles, Pursang Bikes, Alrendo Motorcycles, NIU, Sur-Ron, …

TS Bravo | Alrendo Bikes

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E-Middle is a cooperation among Gert-Jan Rongen from Electrical Motorbikes (The Netherlands) and THE PACK &#8220Electric powered Bikes News&#8221 from Man Salens (Belgium). The E-middle / Electric powered Motorbikes showroom is positioned on the Automotive Campus in Helmond in The Netherlands.

Electric powered Motorbikes has just lately been strengthened by a partnership with KWSSeuren Accutechniek. This suggests that expertise is accessible at just about every stage in this renewed technologies and excellent and support are guaranteed for the consumer. This also would make the primary existence of Electric powered Motorbikes in East Brabant a simple fact.

e-track | Pursang Motorcycles | THE PACK | Guy Salens | Electric Motorcycles Newse-monitor | Pursang Bikes

ELECTRIFIED | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles NewsRGNT Scrambler | RGNT Motorcycles


ELECTRIFIED | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

ELECTRIFIED will be the most popular event in the field of electrical way of life. And that two times a calendar year! It is not just any ‘fair’. In addition to terrific electric cars, you will also see electric powered bikes, scooters and velocity pedelecs. The &#8216Major version&#8217 will take location on the weekend of 3 and 4 July in the Autotron Rosmalen, both of those indoors and outdoor. On Sunday September 12th the ELECTRIFIED team organises their second ELECTRIFIED party. At Breda Airport, the sporty and luxury EV section is the primary aim. And to get in the mood, the initially ELECTRIFIED Rally will choose put on Saturday 12 June.

Extra information & tickets: https://www.electrified.on the web/

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