GEON Motors with its progress subsidiary EMGo Technologies are not only a light electric motor vehicle developer and manufacturer

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These guys from EMGo Technologies (situated in Odessa, Ukraine) contacted us and asked if we knew about GEON “ScrAmper” electric powered motorcycle? At THE PACK, we are usually curious about new developments and new companies, so let us discover out some far more.


On their web page (in a language that I really do not communicate) EMGo offers 3 light-weight electric powered cars: a scrambler centered electric powered bike, an electric scooter and a rough seeking e-scooter that you also can even use off street.

All these autos are created for and branded with Geon trademark as Scramper, Razzo and Flywheel appropriately.

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles NewsRazzo

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles NewsFlywheel

EMGo is in fact an engineering organization centered on the development of revolutionary solutions in the industry of electrical transportation, electrical power storage and eco-friendly systems. With their have technological park, R&D middle, workshop and assembly production, EMGo develops and manufactures lithium-centered power storage units and prototypes electric powered two wheeled transport.

But we have been astonished at the vast variety of &#8220environmentally friendly know-how&#8221 they can supply to the environment:

Style and design, development and manufacturing of electric powered vehicles (batteries, electrical systems, chargers)Analysis initiatives in the discipline of renewable power. Shut technological interaction with suppliers close to the entire world, exchange of expertise, expertise and professionals.Geon Motors is making the initial in Ukraine licensed middle for the progress and production of &#8220green merchandise&#8221 based on European specifications.EMGo Technologies utilizes highly developed batteries in investigate and growth to make sure greatest capability and safety for the consumer.Batteries no for a longer period appropriate for use in electric automobiles can be serviced by EMGo Technological innovation and reused in vitality storage and storage units.Discover technologies and global knowledge in recycling utilized lithium batteries &#8211 to get better the primary uncommon earth metals and re-manufacture batteries.

The GEON ScrAmper

ScrAmper has an integrated power device, BLDC-motor and a 4-speed gearbox. The gearbox functions in a related way to a petrol one particular. With the 4-gearbox put in, the electric motor achieves a peak output of 16.5 kW (+/- 21.5 HP) at 7000 rpm. This will allow the electric powered motorbike to speed up to 120 km/h. The battery is developed and assembled by EMGo. The motorcycle battery can be applied as a backup battery for other products even following the motorbike is turned off.

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Technical specs:

Cost time
• 50% &#8211 50 min
• 80% &#8211 90 min
• 100% &#8211 120 min

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

• 1st gear &#8211 45 km/h
• 2nd equipment &#8211 45-80 km/h
• 3rd gear &#8211 80-104 km/h
• 4th equipment &#8211 104-122 km/h

• 45 km/h ~ 210 km
• 65 km/h ~ 158-170 km
• 85 km/h ~ 135-145 km
• 123 km/h ~ 95-105 km

Li Ion, LG21700, 88.2 V 100 Ah

Metal tubular

Entrance suspension
Inverted telescopic fork

Rear suspension
Steel swingarm, monoshock

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

1400 mm

Highest mileage
up to 150 km (at a velocity of 95 km/h)

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

BLDC is a motor with peak ability up to 16.5 kW at 7000 RPM. 4-velocity gearbox that performs like a petrol version

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Entrance, disc, 270 mm
2-piston caliper, rear, disc, 220 mm, single-piston caliper
Electromagnetic motor braking configurable parameter

EMGo Technology - Ukraine - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Wheels and tires
The motorbike is equipped with strengthened rims, spokes and hubs.
Formula 17/17 with 50/50 tires for off-highway and off-road ability
Tires 110/90 &#8211 17 / 130/80 &#8211 17

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