Italian Volt is now element of the Italian Tazzari Group

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THE PACK is pursuing Italian Volt from the starting &#8211 you can come across our previous posts down below this posting. Now, Tazzari GL Imola SPA, a corporation that develops and manufactures electric autos less than the Tazzari EV Brand name in Italy, has designed the synergistic and strategic acquisition of Italian Volt’s property, a manufacturer specialised in the growth of ground breaking electrical two-wheelers.

Italian Volt - Tazzai Group - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Lacama (“La Camaleontica”) is the symbolic electric motorbike of Italian Volt, characterised by infinite customization options to make just about every electrical motorcycle a certainly exclusive piece.

A new electric motorcycles brand enters the Italian Motor Valley: Tazzari EV acquires Italian Volt

Erik Tazzari

“We have concluded the transfer of Italian Volt’s company property to the Tazzari vegetation in Imola, in which the Tazzari Zero electrical town cars and trucks and associated technologies have been created and manufactured for a long time, which Tazzari EV sells all in excess of the earth.

Italian Volt - Tazzai Group - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Many thanks to this acquisition, Tazzari Team expands its assortment of electric autos, getting into the two-wheeler sector and bringing new items to the Italian Motor Valley with substantial technological content and zero emissions.

I would like to thank the founders of Italian Volt, who, beginning from an amazing journey by electric motorbike from Shanghai to Milan with more than 13,000 kilometers and associated “Guinness Entire world Record”, have formulated this visionary and futuristic electrical motorcycle job with great passion.

Italian Volt - Tazzai Group - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

I acknowledged in the principle exclusive contents and innovative ideas, it will be our purpose to bring the “ITALIAN VOLT” Brand name and the “LACAMA” challenge to the up coming phase of remaining development, acceptance and output.

We will use our abilities consolidated in 15 yrs as pioneers in the Electrical Autos sector and the experience as co-designer and maker of extremely-mild aluminum frames and elements in the Automotive and Bike sectors.&#8221

Erik Tazzari, Tazzari Group President, Tazzari EV Founder.
Abide by us in the enhancement of Italian Volt Lacama Revolution!


About Tazzari EV

Tazzari Group is a team of companies established in 1963 thanks to the entrepreneurial impetus of Giorgio Tazzari, but it was an idea of Erik Tazzari’s (President of the Group because 2005) that, in 2006, led to the ZERO Challenge remaining conceived: the goal is to develop an electric metropolis motor vehicle with technical capabilities by no means witnessed just before, which includes an progressive ultralight chassis know-how employing aluminium casting assembled with aerospace structural adhesives and the most highly developed technological know-how for the management of lithium batteries, for extraordinary performance and autonomy.

Italian Volt - Tazzai Group - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

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