NawaRacer growth consortium introduced dynamic prototype in the coming months

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In December 2019, THE PACK “Electric Bikes News” already revealed a story about this breathtaking zero emission motorcycle notion which capabilities a entire world-first in electric powertrains: a ‘hybrid’ battery.

Resource: push release NAWATechnologies | Today, NAWATechnologies, AKKA Technologies, FAAR, Pronergy and YSY Team these days announce that NAWATechnologies’ idea e-motorcycle, the NAWARacer, will debut as a dynamic prototype in the coming months.

Unveiled at CES 2020, NAWARacer was to begin with developed as a demonstration undertaking, illustrating how NAWATechnologies’ up coming-gen ultracapacitors, called NAWACap and bolstered composites alternative NAWAStitch, can be utilized to a true-entire world electrical auto (EV) powertrain. Pursuing a vastly prosperous world-wide reception, the selection has been taken to produce a fully working, rideable prototype – and a really skilled consortium assembled to provide it to life.

“We had this kind of a great reaction to our NAWARacer concept at CES 2020 that we experienced to acquire the following stage and showcase what our NAWACap technological innovation certainly can do,” claimed Pascal Boulanger, Founder of NAWA Technologies, and CTO. “In buy to create a entirely dynamic prototype, and greatest reflect our up coming-gen electrical power storage technological innovation, a globe-foremost consortium has been introduced together to design and create a entirely operating edition.”

NawaRacer - NawaTechnologies - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

The prototype will characteristic a earth-to start with in electrical powertrains: a ‘hybrid’ battery which brings together NAWATechnologies’ personal innovative ultracapacitors, NAWACap, with typical lithium-ion cells. These are then merged in an progressive electrical architecture, enabling the greatest of the two electricity resources, opening up new possibilities for electric powered automobile powertrains, with NAWACap enjoying an equal role to a turbocharger in an internal combustion engine.

Bringing a step-transform in e-motorcycle efficiency, this hybrid ultracapacitor battery program enormously increases energy performance, decreases charging instances and extends whole system life. Applicable to any electrical motor vehicle, the effectiveness advancements can lessen the size of the lithium-ion battery by up to 50 %, or prolong the assortment by up to double – or a mix in between dependent on ultimate style.

For the initial layout of the NAWARacer strategy, NAWA Systems was supported by qualified design and engineering solutions service provider Envisage Group – based mostly in Coventry, Uk. Envisage Team beautifully translated layouts and drawings made by Pascal Boulanger, NAWA’s founder and CTO, into lovely and uncomplicated renderings and established a bodily demonstrator for the CES present stand.

NawaRacer - NawaTechnologies - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Professional e-mobility consortium

To produce the 1st NAWARacer dynamic prototype, an skilled enhancement partnership has been assembled with skillsets throughout automotive engineering, R&D, battery management, electronics, powertrain, techniques integration and prototype realisation – inside the framework of the HYDEALIST task (Hybrid storage and rapid-charging for AGV in logistics), funded by InnoEnergy (the European innovation system for clear systems).

The growth of the motorbike’s exceptional e-powertrain and, in certain, the aluminum entire body – which structurally integrates the battery in just the chassis, negating the require for a regular frame – and the in-wheel motor, is led by AKKA Systems, a world wide leader in engineering consultancy which supports the environment&#8217s primary automotive field gamers. Based in 29 nations, AKKA’s mission is to improve all the mechanical components and conceive an e-bike with quite number of shifting areas light-weight, quick to fabricate and with a perfect riding practical experience.

AKKA’s group of experts will acquire NAWARacer’s experience and dealing with qualities, with specially aim on the motorbike’s new rear arm layout and superior suspension method.

NawaRacer - NawaTechnologies - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

The advancement of NAWARacer’s digital electrical power distribution technique is led by Pronergy, a subsidiary of FAAR SAS located in Paris. This distributes energy according to car manner and rider demand from customers. For this 1st dynamic prototype, a new switching device has been developed allowing each NAWACap and the lithium batteries to supply strength, maximising the gains of both equally technologies in terms of efficiency and efficiency.

FAAR heads up the improvement of NAWA Racer’s Battery Management Program (BMS) software management European electronic architecture, bringing its embedded electricity management knowledge to the challenge, which is based mostly on extra than a decade of experience in vitality management methods.

NAWATechnologies, the inventor of the NAWARacer and its hybrid electricity-battery program, is giving NAWACap – its upcoming-generation ultracapacitors – built-in in a mild, compact, modular and speaking pack that can be applied in a lot of other programs. Further professional help will come from YSY Team, dependent in Lille, France who enhance NAWA in motorcycle screening. The dynamic prototype will be disclosed and demonstrated on monitor just prior to summer 2021, relying on present-day Covid-19 limits.

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Entirely modular and scale-equipped, NAWARacer’s hybrid battery method can be relevant to any electric car or truck, able of cutting down the measurement of the lithium-ion battery by up to 50 percent, or extending the assortment by up to double – or a combination in between dependent on use. Whilst NAWATechnologies has no options to make or sell a manufacturing version of the NAWARacer, it is open to strategies from suitable partners fascinated in taking this groundbreaking e-motorbike to the streets.

About NAWARacer

Intended to flip heads as well as offer you a ground-breaking electrical powertrain, NAWARacer delivers a present day twist to its retro styling. Its best tank place hides an arrangement of NAWA Technologies’ have ultracapacitors, which strengthen a lithium-ion battery mounted reduced in the chassis with an revolutionary Hybrid Management method (HMS), Strength Command Device (European) and in-wheel electrical motor.

Re-employing extra than 80 percent of the strength captured from regenerative braking, NAWARacer employs a a great deal more compact lithium-ion battery than would in any other case be possible: around 50 % the sizing of a common electrical sporting activities bike’s battery.

The NAWACap pack itself is light-weight and is mixed with the motorbike’s aluminum structural physique, established to offer a 25 per cent pounds saving over conventional electric powered athletics bikes. The hybrid storage pack powers a very economical in-wheel electrical motor, acquiring up to 40 kW. Whilst simplified for its very first variation, this lightweight, compact hybrid battery program outcomes in fantastic variety. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, NAWA Racer is projected to deal with 150km on a blended cycle, including highways. But by capturing so much electrical power from quit-start off using, releasing it once again as acceleration, NAWA Racer can double its city variety to 300km.

No make a difference the charge level of the lithium-ion battery, NAWA Racer will always have whole acceleration on need – projected to be -100km/h in underneath a few seconds – due to the fact of the ultracapacitor’s superior ability features, which continuously maintain reaction and general performance.

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